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Why Home Care

Why Home Care is Better?

Home is a place of emotional and physical associations, memory and comfort. Because of many options in home care that are available, people can now make it their first choice. Here are 9 reasons why home care is a popular choice:
1. Patients can come home faster from a hospital than other places of service like assisted living
2. Being at home is simply more comfortable
3. Depending on situation, home care can substitute for hospitals or nursing homes
4. Unlike the restrictive hours and accommodation, home can welcome family and friends
5. With the family and friends by your side, they are more involved with your treatment compared to a hospital or nursing home
6. Patients tend to have a higher morale and happiness in their home
7. Who doesn't want independence, and this is one of the greatest plus for home care
8. Research has shown that recovery is faster at home than a hospital or nursing home
9. Last but not the least, the cost of care is much lower at home than at a nursing home. At home, you can get the care you need in the budget you have, whereas nursing home you have to pay anywhere between $40k to $80k per year



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