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A Higher Standard of Home Health Care 


We all embark on times in our lives when we could use a little help. Whether you need support caring for a senior, a person with a disability, a veteran, or a loved one who’s recovering from a surgery or a family member needing respite care, Reliable Homecare is there for you. The personalized care model at Reliable Homecare provides each and every client highly customized and flexible care designed to meet the needs of older adults.  Care is provided on an hourly, daily or temporary respite basis and can include support of daily living activities or more advanced care requiring the need to support transition from hospital to home or rehab, or specialized care for stroke or Alzheimer's

Companionship – One of the most important aspects of Reliable Home Care will be providing customers with a strong sense of family and compassion.  Taking an interest in the customer, their life and their environment will create an everlasting bond.  Whether it is playing a favorite board game or card game, reading, taking a stroll or visiting with friends and neighbors’, life is meant to enjoy. 


Alzheimer's Dementia – Our specialized approach to memory care promotes dignity, safety, and communication. Reliable Home Care provides professional care for early, middle, and late-stage dementia. Our mission is to provide Alzheimer's or Dementia care to your loved one which they need. 


Disability Services– From disability aids, to accessible transportation, to skilled care and more our advanced and specialized expertise in this ensures our clients' safety, and empowers you and your family to get the most out of life.


Respite Care– Our Respite care provide continuous support and care of an adult who is elderly or disabled and dependent on others. Our program covers everyone including child, adult, children  with behavioral problems, adults with intellectual disability and many more.


Basic Personal Care – Washing, bathing, dressing, help with pre-poured medicine, personal hygiene, nail care, hair care, picking outfits, getting dressed or makeup. 


Light House Cleaning – similar to a housekeeping or maid service, the caregiver will provide dusting, damp mopping hardwood and flooring, vacuuming carpets and furniture, changing bedding, scrubbing the bathroom and general tidying of living spaces as required or requested.


Laundry – We are ready to assist with any personal care needs. From laundry to house cleaning we got you covered. Our personal care supports helps with daily activities and monitors health and wellness.


Kitchen Maintenance – The caregiver may not wear a chef’s hat but they do know their way around a kitchen.  Meals can be planned in conjunction with a nutritionist or with the customer.  Grocery planning, grocery shopping, dishwashing, food maintenance, and cooking will fill the house with the welcoming aromas of everyone’s favorite foods.


Toiletting and Incontinence Care – We understand the sensitive nature of toileting and incontinence care for our clients. Without proper help, seniors can face many issues6. These may include skin infections, unpleasant odors, and general hygiene problems. Our caregivers offer compassionate, dignified help with these personal aspects of daily living.


Home Basics - This covers all the basics of looking after a home such as gardening, arranging lawn mowing or landscaping, garbage control, heat and utilities checks, watering indoor plants, replacing light bulbs and everything else that may have at one time been addressed by the customer.


Complimentary Home Care Assessment

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We had Reliable home care for my mother for  only a few day .I  can't say enough good things about the owner director of Reliable Home Care he was so helpful.


Jesse Rausa

Oct 2018


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