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Dementia Care

Dementia is a group of diseases with symptoms, which affect the way people think and interact with each other. It can often be linked to a disease or damage done to the brain. Very often, short-time memory, mind, speech and motor skills are effected.


Caring for someone with dementia is accompanied by many emotional and physical challenges. Our respite care is designed to give rest or relief to family caregivers.




Alzheimer's Care

Each person may experience alzheimer affects differently, but all would like to live well for as long as possible. Early symptoms include trouble remembering names and misplacing objects, but a person may not need memory loss care.

Alzheimer care becomes necessary as the disease progresses. The person may begin to forget their address, phone number or need help dressing. Alzheimer care during the final stage will be round the clock. The person will have difficulty communicating and walking.

Two important areas of dementia care are promoting physical activity and preparing healthy meals. Caregivers should research local and online networks for memory loss care. A medical team is an invaluable resource to give caregivers information on alzheimer affects and dementia care.

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